Your city, your way!
In the feedback service, you can give feedback on city services, activities and decision-making or you can take an initiative in matters concerning the municipality.

General information about the feedback system:

You can use this system to leave messages and suggestions regarding the City of Oulu services

A video instruction is available on the top right-hand corner on the home page by clicking the Video instruction icon.

Please, note the following when using the feedback service:

- Urgent messages shall be left directly to the service providers’ service and emergency service numbers.

- If your message refers to the environment, please, mark the respective spot as closely as possible in the map, as that will help us to process the feedback.

- Do not include confidential information e.g. personal id codes, bank account numbers, personal health details etc. in the message.

- You cannot use the service for matters relating to City invoicing, cancel appointments or submit job applications.

- We usually respond to messages within three working days and process the messages during office hours from Monday to Friday.

- If you wish to get a response to your message, please enter your e-mail address in the respective field. Check also your email spam folder. The response to your feedback may be interpreted as spam by your email service.

For the following feedback, please use the given web site

- Public transport

- Malfunction report for a City-owned property

- Street light defects shall be reported to Oulun Energia Service